Autumn Inspiration


Autumn inspiration, or autumn feels as I used to call it. With Autumn well under way, the here in Hong Kong the nights have finally gotten longer, although I still get a minor heart attack every time I look out a shop window at 6.00pm and it looks like it is 10pm at night, the longer nights means that the cold weather is on its way. Two typhoons (Sarika & Haima) have decided to creep up on us and speed up the cold autumn/winter air. For those of us who are still in denial and *cough* are still wearing shorts… *cough* ‘guilty’, its time to pack them away and pull out the longer sleeved tops.

I must admit that it is these times that I miss the UK, the fact that all the christmas gifts and decorations were already in stores, the advent calendars, the christmas music and  the fact I had to wear a hundred layers to feel somewhat warm makes christmas seem much closer that it is.

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Korean Mask Haul

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I definitely went overboard when purchasing some sheet masks, and the sad truth of it is this is only a portion of my sheet masks I purchased, but I thought I would show you some of my favourties. So here they are…

  1. Beyond – herb garden tea tree
  2. Premium Metal snow whitening infusion mask silver
  3. Elishacoy Natural Pearl Mask
  4. ELMOLU Sherbet Modeling Mask Silver
  5. Dearpacker Jeju flower
  6. Farm stay Acerola
  7. Der-Mask Moisturising essence mask
  8. Remeg+G Home Peeling 3 Step Kit (Aqua)
  9. Nohj 24K gold Therapymask pack Super collagen
  10. L’Affair Aqua black 3 step skin renewal black mask
  11. Ponybrown Hinoki Puricare Dream Mask
  12. SU:M37 Bubble Mask

I can’t wait to give them a try. All of these are fairly new to me. So, I don’t know what to expect, but I excited.


Full Review: A.H.C (ft. ampoules, eye-creams and ampoule set)

A.H.C probably isn’t a company you have come across yet, I only started using their products about a year ago and so far I love the value and quality of them!


About the brand: is a korean brand that provides beauty products that are specialised for skin clinics, dermatological hospitals etc.

A.H.C Real Premium eye cream for face 30ml

This is a relatively new product that I have recently purchased. After loving their “Real premium eye cream for face’ I was eager to try their ampoules.

Claim: This is the 2nd update to the A.H.C Eye cream for face line.         Although this isn't the most recent update to the eye cream,as       it is on its 4th update. The product claims to prevent/improve       eye sagging, remove dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and          improve skin elasticity.
Skin Type: All Skin types
Texture: It has an incredibly rich, smooth and creamy texture which          seems to melt once it touches your skin. Although rich, it 
        doesn't leave you with spots, or an uncomfortable heavy 
Effectiveness: Personally, this is probably my favourite eye cream to               date, it is hydrating, lifting and after 2 weeks I saw               some improvements in the lines under my eyes. As for                 reducing dark under-eyes, I personally don't have                    dark under-eyes so, I cannot vouch the effectiveness 
               of the product on them. 
Overall: I love this product, for its affordable price, it has proven to be very effective and was the first product that really made me love the A.H.C brand. Both my mum and I have both seen really good 
results and love the feel of the product. Would definitely recommend this product for those who want a quality product for an affordable  price, HKD$195 for 2. 
You can use this product on your neck and smile lines as well!


A.H.C Hyaluronic Ampoule 30ml

Claim: "A moistuizing ampoule containing hyaluronic acid that helps skin retain water and stay moisturized"
Texture: The texture in comparison to the collagen ampoule is a lot           more water like, which is quickly absorbed into the skin.            Because of its quick absorption sometimes I add another pump         of the ampoule to make sure I have reached all areas of my           face. The melts into all the little crevices in our skin             with little encouragement, so there is no need to massage it         into the skin. 
Effectiveness: I found that during the autumn transition month, my                  skin starts to feel very tight and dry which calls for   (4.5/5)     me incorporating more hydrating and richer products.      rating     Although the product isn't very rich/thick I like to                 use it as a hydrating first step in my skincare                      routine. I like to use it together with a sleeping                   mask to maximise my skins hydration levels.
Overall: I really like the product, however, I wish that the product          was a little more rich. However, overall the product offers          immediate hydration to the skin and suppleness over a longer         period of time.



A.H.C Collagen Ampoule 30ml

Claim: This collagen ampoule comes as one part to the 5 ampoules            available within the A.H.C range. "A lifting ampoule                 containing collagen that helps to firm dull and sagging skin".
Texture: The ampoule is a lot richer than the hyaluronic ampoule,             you will definitely need more than one pump of this stuff to         be able to cover your entire face. The ampoule is not overly         sticky that usually come with product that have collagen in          them. The texture is more gel like than watery. 
Effectiveness: I use this product together with the hyaluronic                      ampoule after cleansing. I find that the collagen       (5/5)        ampoule when applied to your neck and face really      rating        helps with boosting brightness and plumpness. 
               After applying it the night before, I found that it 
               really improve the look of my foundation, instead of 
               looking a little uneven (because of my combination
               skin), it applied smoothly and evenly.
Overall: Out of the two ampoules I have tried, I must admit    that the collagen is my favourite. The fact that it isn't     overly thick in texture, really helps in the absorption of   the product into my skin. You see most significant results in the morning after you use it.
Mix this collagen ampoule into your everyday BB cream or      foundation to help boost hydration whilst going about your    day.


A.H.C Capture Collagen set

Claim: The capture collagen set is a month long treatment that              focuses on the renewal of skin and hydration of the skin. The        set comes with 4 (single use) peeling serums soaked in a             large cotton bud as well as 30 x 5ml collagen serums.
How to use: The set requires you to use the peeling serum once a week and the collagen serums twice a day (half a bottle at a time). 

Peel: The peel slowly helps remove the excess dead skin and the dirt that has accumulated on the skin over time. 

Ampoule: Used to help nourish the new layer of skin and help it      remain hydrated making it supple.
Effectiveness: Personally I was a little disappointed in this set.                  I wasn't prepared for the peeling serum, as someone       (3.5)      who almost always wears BB cream (with SPF), I found     rating      that the two days after using the peel the skin on my                nose started to peel, which meant my BB cream clung                  to the peeling skin which was kind of annoying but,                  after about 3-4 days of peeling my skin did feel very                soft. I repeated this over 2 weeks and was a little                  disappointed that one of the peel serums had                         completely dried out! 
               Following the directions of using half a bottle of                   ampoule every morning and night, I found that it was                 too much for my skin and the product didn't fully                    absorb into my skin. I always left the remaining 
               ampoule and used it on my neck or left it for another                time. 
               After 2 weeks I found that there wasn't much change in               my skin and the peeling gel didn't cause my skin to                  peel anymore... 
TIP: I would recommend this product for those who have very dry skin or is lacking in moisture, especially in winter. 


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1 Brand 3 products: Vichy

I have been using Vichy products for quite some time, but the products that I have used from this brand were mainly cleansers and face mists. So, I decided to branch out and try something new and spoiler alert they are all great!

The first product I picked up was the Double Glow Peel Mask. At first I was a bit skeptical, but I thought I would just give it a try anyways. I was so surprise, after massaging this into my skin, I found there was a really nice mild peeling occurring. It wasn’t too abrasive, which peeling mask can be, but it felt like it was cleaning my skin up from all the dirt laying on my skin. It’s also a lot different in comparison to other peeling gels, where you immediately massage your skin, but this product requires you to wait 5 minutes before massaging it, and I will say that 5 minutes do make a difference. I addition to that, every Vichy product has its own distinctive lovely smell. With this one, it reminded me of sweets and flower, as if it was a perfume, which I love.

The new product I picked up was the Aqualia Thermal Light Cream. I thoroughly enjoyed this product a lot, even after 1 use, and it is because of the texture of the cream and how my skin feels after using it. It is an incredible day cream, that leaves your skin a lot softer then it was seconds before applying it, and I found that the product fully absorbed into my skin seconds after applying it, without leaving a stickiness to my skin. It is genuinely my perfect day cream, as of right now. In terms of scent, it is a lot milder than the peeling gel. The best way I can describe it, is that it smells like laundry detergent ( the good kind) and flowers combined.

The last product I picked up was the Quenching Mineral Mask. It’s a super hydrating, water base mask, that doesn’t require you to leave it on for 10 or 20 minutes or wash it off afterwards. I like to use it at night and my skin love this mask, it immediately absorbs it in. I like that it’s a light mask, that doesn’t leave you skin kind of sticky, unless you wash it off afterwards. It’s definitely a lot lighter, but just as hydrating as other moisture masks, which is perfect as of right now, with the autumn weather not being to drying nor being to humid. As for the smell, it basically smells like aloe vera and cucumbers combined, it’s so refreshing!

So, those are my three Vichy products that I picked up, I hope you enjoyed the post and found one or two products that you want to try!



It has been a while since our last empties post. So, I thought it was time to do another one. I have accumulated a bunch of products that I have used up, since the last post. So, here they are…

The first is the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser. I actually enjoyed this product a lot, I found it really effective during the winter months. As the cleanser is on the thicker and richer side, so it didn’t leave my skin feeling super dry. Although, many moisturising cleanser that I have tried, tend to leave my skin feeling nourished but not superclean, I found this to completely different. The product really leaves skin feeling squeaky clean, but not overly drying. Although, I will say this didn’t help with taming breakout, but I did love that is foam up, if you massaged it into your face.

I also used up a moisturiser, specifically the Aloe Fresh moisturiser by The Face Shop, and I personally loved using, which I have also mention in a couple of posts. So, I won’t babble on to much about it. It has taken me a long time to finish, but after finishing it, I ended up feeling sad, as I really enjoyed using it. It absorbed into my skin really quickly, while leaving it super soft and nourished, and this made it a lot easier to apply my concealer on a rushed day.

The next is The Yves Rocher exfoliater. It definitely wasn’t my favourite exfoliator, as I felt like after a while it didn’t exfoliate my skin  as much as I wanted it to. So, it felt more like a shower gel than a exfoliater. However, I did like the scent of it. It had quite the summer berry scent to it.

I also ended up finishing a toner – specifically the Joseristine Acne Skin Tonic, which is quite a rare thing for me. I found that this toner was amazing for minimizing pores and helping to reduce spots, when I was breaking out. Although, I would say that it was quite drying, but I did expect it to be, as one of the ingredients was tea tree. I also found that a  small amount went a long way and that was one of the reason why it took me quite long to finish it. I loved how this product was super inexpensive, but gave amazing results.

Foodie’s Empties : As for the Cliv collagen resurgence laser ampoule, having previously finished a serum I decided to try out the Cliv range of ampoule. The product absorbs into the skin quite quickly as it has a water like consistency and because of this consistency, you only really need to apply very little for it to cover your entire face and neck. Although the product is meant to help firm your skin, I didn’t see much of a significant change in the firmness but my skin did feel a lot more supple the day after. Would definitely recommend using this before bed as you will see the instant suppleness in your skin once you wake up.

Herbal essence, I have always loved the herbal essences’s range as well as their advertisements with girls that had beautifully shiny hair. However, I found that I couldn’t use their hair products daily because of how oily my hair would get. I got a mini herbal essence white tea and mint shampoo as a birthday gift and have been using it almost daily and love how voluminous it leaves my hair as well as how light and bubbly the formula is. Would highly recommend it for girls who have slightly oily hair.

AHC has been one of my go to companies at the moment after trying numerous of their products. I tried their collagen Ampoule set last winter and took a break from it to try some new products however, I have found myself going back and trying the remainning ampoules to add some extra moisture back into my skin. Although autumn comes with cooler nights it also means that the air is a lot drier which leaves my skin needing extra hydration. I use the ampoules to top up my skin with instant hydration. A useful tip would be to definitely wait about 10-20 seconds before applying other skincare products, because of it’s thick and rich texture it does take a little longer for the skin to absorb.


The Honey Collection

Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 16.28.19.pngSince, the Autumn weather has rolled in and it definitely has gotten a lot cooler and drier lately. My skin has definitely felt the effects, and I found honey has been a great way to hydrate my skin. So, I thought that I would show you some of my favourite honey products. So, here they are…

L’Affair Honey  Sheet Mask, have definitely been my go to sheet mask as of lately. Personally, I love any kind of sheet mask, but lately I have been gravitating towards this particular sheet mask, because it goes the extra mile of replenishing my skin and leaving it a lot softer and dewier. Although, it does leave my skin a little stickier, because the cooler weather has just started, but I think during the winter period, this will be a skin saving product.

The next product is also from the brand L’Affair, but on the complete opposite spectrum of skincare products, as peeling gels are known to clear out clogged pores, but tend to dry out your skin. However, I found that this peeling gel, didn’t leave my skin feeling too dry afterwards, which makes this perfect for both Autumn and Winter, when using a clay mask makes your skin feel irritated and super dry.

The last product is The Body Shop Honey Bath Melt, which I use as a shower gel and also how it’s suppose to be used, of course, a bath melt. I find this product to be super rich and hydrating and using a small amount really leaves your skin feeling softer and hydrated. I have had this product for a while, because the sheer size of this product, but also because this product is super rich and hydrating, that I have to leave it on the shelf during the warmer and more humid seasons, but when Autumn rolls around, it’s the first thing I grab.

So, those were my top 3 Honey products for the Autumn period and hopefully you can include some of your favourite honey skincare products into your Autumn skincare collection.